Urvashi & Mayur

"Eric and Donella are GREAT wedding photographers! This was their first time shooting an Indian wedding and they did such a fantastic job!  Donella was extremely thorough with her research, took notes and was so organized so that she wouldn't miss anything. The wedding was in hindi, they didn't understand the language at all, and did a fantastic job! Both of them had a lot of great suggestions and were very creative with the kind of pictures they took. Everything from their detail shots , portraits and everything in between was great! They are both super friendly and immediately put us at ease, and spent so much time getting the perfect shot. In fact, they went above and beyond for us, stayed late/came in early, came to an event we hadn't even booked them for and edited and sent us the pictures in a week. They extended the same sort of dedication and research to our engagement shoot, and spent half a day scouting great locations in the city we wanted to shoot in.  Eric responds to emails very quickly and explains things in great detail( which is great for someone like me because I like to know everything).  By the end of the weekend, I felt like they were my friends, and I would recommend them ( and already have) to everyone I know. They are absolutely fantastic.."